Wander Love

Forget wander”lust”. I have fallen head over heels in love with travelling.

Remember the moment you realized you had fallen in love? When the infatuating, often fleeting feelings of a fling grew into a genuine, long-lasting affair? It is an experience that made you realize life had changed forever.

Anyone who has been in love remembers the feeling of going from a life in black and white to a life in technicolour. There is a newfound heightened sense of awareness, an overwhelming natural high that give us the moments when we truly feel the most alive. When we are in love, we live in the moment; we are vulnerable. We become more accepting human beings.

So, is there another way to a better, more adventurous version of one’s self if you fall in love with something besides another human being? Yes, to love and be loved are pivotal to what makes a meaningful life. But it’s life experiences money cannot put a price tag on that create an invigorating and worthwhile story to tell when you’re 80. I am fully invested in the adventure the travel life calls for and the opinion that it creates a wiser, more humble self than a life sans.

I’m sure you’ve heard the life advice before; the classic “love yourself first” Lucille Ball quote your mother cautioned you of. I’m not about to give you a self-esteem session, but I do resonate with Lucille’s advice in the sense it is valuable to know yourself.¬†Exploration is the journey.

What better way to discover yourself than to step outside your comfort zone and explore the world? Just like falling in love, travelling forces us out of the secluded box of familiarity. We become vulnerable. We take the present moment at face value because catching the train in Italy isn’t the same thing as catching the bus in Canada; our routine has been rearranged into a new (and more fascinating) “normal”.

Like love, travelling opens the eyes. Whether it’s choosing to say nothing when your partner leaves their smelly socks on floor, or realizing that jaywalking in Berlin has (much) bigger consequences than jaywalking in Winnipeg, the experiences mold us into more understanding and accepting versions of ourselves.

So whether you live out of a backpack, just booked a one way ticket, or are tempted to risk it all, I hope you choose to journey with me through travel and all the wonders it can bring to life. Who, knows? You might fall in love.



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