With school season back in business for the last couple of weeks it’s easy to let the feeling of being “locked in” for the year overwhelm you. As a Canadian girl from one of the coldest major cities in the world, the start of the school year is a reminder that “Winter is coming”. And Jon Snow isn’t even alive to heat it up a little. Or a lot.

The pumpkin spice obsession is acceptable for only a few weeks before the snow falls, people forget how to drive, and Winnipeg is colder than Mars (no really, it was that cold…twice).

I can’t help but feel a little restless when I think of how I won’t be hopping on an airplane anytime soon. For my travel buggers who relate to feeling restless: it’s important to stay positive. Sure, you might not be checking a dream destination off the bucket list, but keep in mind going to school is valuable to your future. Once you’ve conquered the classroom, the opportunity to travel will still be there as long as it’s a priority for you. The choice is yours for pursuing.

I’ve said it before; I feel that travelling is life’s greatest adventure. If you can relate but are dreaming of a “better place”, I hope one life lesson travelling has taught me can enlighten you; to live in the present moment and take each day at face value.

Just like the changing of seasons, life goes through cycles; there have been days when I’ve climbed Arthur’s Seat in Scotland or watched the sunset in Santorini, and there have been days when the highlight was the new type of tea I tried. Appreciate life’s littler moments too. Often, they end up being life’s big things.

Trust that you’re right where you’re meant to be. And remember, the best is yet is come.

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