“Everyday is a journey, and the journey itself is home.

Two weeks ago, I dedicated one of my blog posts to my friend Katrina who passed away from brain cancer last month. If you read my post, Journey: Not The Common Kind, I talk about  making the most out of what you’re given each day and taking each day at face value. This quote, by Matsuo Basho is about squeezing the best out of what life has the potential to be. This doesn’t mean having a perfect situation already set up in place in order for happiness to be within reach, because happiness is a choice, not a state of being. Instead, life is about making the effort to enjoy a moment for what it is rather than stressing about getting to point A to point B.

“And the journey itself is home”, in my interpretation, is not about having the mindset, “I’ll be satisfied, once X happens”. Rather, it’s about being mindful about all the moments in between: having a meltdown about completing ten assignments in a week (which I just did), missing your train from Madrid, Spain to Porto, Portugal (which, if I had been ten seconds later, I would have), or the time and commitment to a job you don’t like so you can pay for college tuition. These are the moments that matter. Together, they make up each of our individual journeys. Sure, there are highlighted pinpoints along the way, but there is no anticipated destination. Unless you count death, which in such a case I would be concerned why you’re in a rush to get there.


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