Empty Your Cupboards, All You Need Is Coconut Oil

So I can’t go to Mexico to get real coconuts, but at least I can still buy coconut oil.

A quick detour from the topic of travel…to coconut oil, the universal product.

My video in this blogpost is an assignment from my advertising class in CreComm. We picked a product we loved and create our own ad. I know what you’re thinking: Instagramming is part homework? In CreComm it is!

If you don’t use coconut oil as part of your daily routine, you should. Use coconut oil instead of butter, other cooking oils, skin moisturizer, make-up remover, hair masks, and even mouthwash. Imagine how much money you’d save. And, coconut oil is all natural.

Take a peek at my video I made to see a couple of reasons why it’s the only product you need.



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