Three and a half months ago, I walked into room P107 at Red River College and sat down in a room full of strangers. I applied to the Creative Communications program and was accepted in 2012, so I had three years to anticipate the opportunities that would be mine for the taking and the like-minded people I imagined building valuable friendships with.

It’s now the last week of first semester —only two days to go — and the experience CreComm has gifted me with is more than I hoped for.


I’ve been pushed to my limits, and there have been days where I’ve wondered how I was going to make it through the day. But, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that no matter what — whether it’s four exams and a paper due within two days, or eight assignments due in a week — you get through it. CreComm has helped me grow in so many ways, it’s thrilling to think about all the new projects we get to tackle in the semesters to come and the new ways I’ll be pushed even farther outside my comfort zone.

I’ve learned that to be in CreComm,you really have to want it. There is no room for less than your best. To be your best, you have to grow. Explore new interests, try new things, experiences that allow you to see more of the world and what it has to offer. Without expanding you horizons, you’re only cheating yourself out of all the possibilities.

That’s exactly what CreComm has been: a push outside the comfort zone. Whether it was a streeter in J class or documenting a Remembrance Day, filming editorials and puppy-themed silent films, writing a news release, writing TV and radio ads,  or the live hit derby… all are experiences that push aspiring communication professionals in the right direction.

My point is that life is most worth worthwhile when you push for more. Push for more and I promise, even with the meltdown moments, the end result will be worthwhile.



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