Fresh Start, Fresh Mind

The new year calls for new beginnings. Because I’m in classes everyday, sometimes for nine hours at a time, I found it difficult to find new ways to write about travel since I currently don’t have the time or the money to go away right now. So, I brainstormed some new ideas that I thought I could enjoy continuously blogging about each week.

And I decided on the topic of positivity.

Happiness quote

Searching for the silver lining in each day can be a challenging at times. I believe the true test to a person’s character is how they approach the day when the going gets tough, and that exercising a positive attitude even when it feels like there isn’t anything to be happy about is an important thing to do.

You get back into the world what you put into it, and the chronicles of what makes each person who they are made up from all sorts of different life experiences. So, from this blogpost forward I will be blogging about the highs and lows of everyday life and how a positive mindset can change the quality of your life, even when life decides to throw you a few curve balls along the way.

Stay happy,




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