10 Before 10 a.m.


Start with the little things. One of my favourite quotes is “Find joy in the ordinary” because it’s something we all have the means for and it has helped me realize that the big things in life are actually the little things. A cup of coffee, a hot shower, a phone call from a far-away friend…appreciating the significance of each day’s routine moments reaps benefits that, if turned into routine thinking, grow deeper than the immediate gratification of a new pair of brand-name boots or hand bag.

I found Power of Positivity as I was fishing through Pinterest and it has some simple, easy things to help set the stage for a positive day.

Some of these 10 things before 10 a.m. morning practices might sound familiar to the yogi, and some of them might sound a little weird — like smiling at yourself in the mirror — but all of them are doable by anyone. Things as easy as drinking water and stretching at the beginning of the day can seep into other parts of your day and affect the quality of life.

Power of Positivity

A couple of small things I like to do and think you should try too:

  1. Listening to music — turn on the cheesy tunes that get you going and make you feel like you can do anything. It’s a mood booster and helps you wake up.
  2. Leave on time. Giving yourself a little time buffer on the way to school or work avoids stress. And, you don’t risk appearing to be unprofessional.
  3. Write. Maybe a sentence, maybe a page, maybe 10. Writing out ways and reasons to be happy is a good way of making sense of our thoughts and is a conscious way of paying attention to the positive during a difficult or stressful time.


That’s all for now.

Choose happy,