Winnipeg’s Wooliest Night

Winnipeg’s hairiest men came together for a night of friendly competition on Feb. 19 at CCFM (Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain) for Festival du Voyageur’s beard-growing contest.

Men of beards all shapes and sizes got on stage to show off their time and commitment to facial hair…all in support in of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

There were four categories: Clean Shaven, Voyageur Beard (wild and woolly), Novelty Category (groomed moustache or beard), and the Open Category.

The Clean Shaven men had been growing out their beards since the contest’s launch on December 10th, so their beards were littler. Both men and women were allowed to enter in the Open Category, and the women who did made the evening a contest of creativity rather than of the hairiest hunk. One woman even had a “bee beard” — a beard made up of bees.

The Dust Rhinos — a Celtic rock band —entertained the dance floor before the contest, during adjudication, and after the judges awarded the best beards.



Men in the Voyageur Beard (wild and woolly) category line up on stage while they wait for the contest’s judges to check out their beards./LAUREN HOLLINS


James Young, 28, in the Clean Shaven category, laughs onstage just after he’s been beard-judged./LAUREN HOLLINS


Contest-host Gabriel Gosselin introduces Voyageur Beard category contestant Oleska Balko./LAUREN HOLLINS


Voyageur Beard category contestant Oleska Balko waves to the crowd of beard admirers./LAUREN HOLLINS

DSC_0779 (1)

Novelty Category contestant Derek Lahey (3) being adjudicated onstage with his competitors Anthony Domienik (27) and Renée Comeault (23)./LAUREN HOLLINS


Winner of the Open Category Kristi Arbuckle, 35, tells Gosselin about her copper-wire beard creation./LAUREN HOLLINS


From left: Esther Paradoski (50), April Wozny (37), Laure Moody (41), and Kristi Arbuckle (35), wait for the rest of their male-bearded competition to take a group photo./LAUREN HOLLINS





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