Little Getaway

It’s crunch time. With five weeks of deadlines to go, and with summer vacation almost within reach, the little time that’s left in the school year is a mini motivation  to keep the creative juices flowing just a little longer.

Three of my girlfriends and I used a journalism and an advertising assignment to escape the noise, sip wine, eat popcorn, and even write a little bit.

We drove out to Ponemah where we stayed in a 100-year-old cottage my friend Shay’s parents are turning into a bed-and-breakfast. The cottage overlooks Lake Winnipeg and makes for a killer sunrise.

The weekend showed some of the first signs of spring, with water dripping from the eavestrough and weather warm enough to only wear a sweater.


Bex pretending to sip coffee. Her model skills, however, are real.

We spent the day story hunting and talking to locals in Winnipeg Beach, which we now know is a challenge when you’re in a beach town and its only March. Even though homework brought us out here, we saw it as an opportunity to have fun. In the end, “homework” meant meeting new people, hearing their stories, and getting a glimpse into other Manitobans’ small town “normal”.

The point of my weekend anecdote is: have an open mind. In my case it was a couple of homework assignments, but it’s often the unlikely that leads you to having a memorable time. I took a break from my routine and gave myself a change of scenery (cottage lakefront!). Because I didn’t know a whole lot about Ponemah and Winnipeg Beach, I didn’t have pre-conceived expectations. My time spent taking photos, talking to strangers, playing Cards Against Humanity, and sleeping in (which never happens) felt all the more worthwhile.




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