My grandpa is cooler than your grandpa.

Everybody will say that about their grandparents, but I’m serious.

My grandpa is the coolest.

As I grew up he was always more like a third parent who came around for more than Christmas dinner and annual birthday celebrations. He watched every soccer and hockey game, sat in the audience for every dance recital and play, and still pops by the house “just because.” He took a road trip with me two summers ago because I asked him to, works out every day, and takes university classes for fun.

He’s also better with technology than most millennials, like me. His emoji game is strong and he’s notorious for being the cameraman at every family function.

So, naturally, when I asked him to star in a small film project I was working on last month, he said yes.

My friend Courtney and I filmed a short film for Big Rock Brewery and its annual Big Rock Eddies film festival. The film needed to incorporate a trailblazer theme, so we asked my grandpa and Courtney’s grandma to act like a couple of not-so-conventional seniors. Our film didn’t get shortlisted, but we had so much fun and learned our grandparents are pretty convincing actors.

Here’s our film, Grandparents” starring Rich Allden and Grace Gillespie.

Let us know what you think in the comment box below!



2 thoughts on “Grandparents

  1. Nathan Smith says:

    I thought it was great two see two old people still living happy doing what they wanna do. Your grandparents are hilarious and I believe you two don’t have ordinary grandparents they are one of a kind. Alot of oldies don’t do anything like yours do 🙂
    Well done with the short movie I thought it was great
    From your Fav Aussie Nathan

    Liked by 1 person


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