Letting Go with Grace

Letting go is hard to do.

Your ego and intuition pull in opposite directions, and even though you keep fixating on the “I wish, the “what if,” and the “what could be,” your intuition — that gut feeling — is relentless in pushing your mind in a different direction.

This direction — whether it’s changing jobs, trying to accept where you are instead of where you planned to be, or leaving the one you love — wasn’t in your “plan,” but for some reason you can’t explain, your life isn’t taking you where you thought you would be.

I’ve been a planner my entire life; I was planning my birthday parties when I was seven and I’ve mastered my five-year plan. The goals I set for myself when I was 18 aren’t dreams anymore, they’re memories. I’ve lived out of a backpack through Europe and Asia and will soon graduate from my dream program, but if there’s anything that has enlightened me recently it’s the personal growth that stems from embracing change.

Change is scary, particularly when we don’t intend for it. This is when our ego steps in and tries to force us in the direction we planned to go instead of going with the flow. Change reminds us we’re not entitled to our plans. The tricky part is letting go of what is and looking forward to what is yet to be.

I’ve made plans in my life that worked out well and others that have failed miserably. They range from trying to make it from Paris to Barcelona in one day (by train) to “the one” becoming a stranger I once knew. I’ve had jobs I thought I wanted and then when I actually got hired, I realized they were totally wrong for me.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s smart to set goals and plan how you’ll achieve them. My experiences with work, school, and travel have taught me that I’m good at planning what I need to do to achieve my goals.

Summer has faded to Fall and the change of seasons is a perfect excuse to let go of whatever you’ve been holding onto. Fresh starts are often difficult, but I think moving forward from what no longer serves you is empowering.

I read a poem this week by Rachelle Taylor, creator of Prairie Yogi, that I think illustrates letting go perfectly.

Embrace change.
Accepting the fact that nothing stays the same.
Age beautifully. 
Understanding that each stage of life is beauty in a different form.
Detach effortlessly.
Letting go into the unknown without fear or expectation.
Fall gracefully.
Understanding that we we’re all born to die. 


By letting go of what “should be,” you’re taking one foot out of the past and making yourself fully available to the possibility of now. Trust that you have everything you need and that you’re exactly where you need to be.

Instead of fighting the old, build on the new.

Making this transition is a bold step towards personal freedom and wellness.




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