Undoing Unmotivation

I’ve been unmotivated lately.

Which is funny, because I have so much work to do — more than I think I’ve ever had before, school-wise.

I’ve been zoning out into a vortex of daydreams of the possible places I could work after college, where I want to move to, and the creative projects I want to pursue as soon as I have a little less on my plate.

Ironically, I can’t work toward these daydreams until I fulfill today’s responsibilities — responsibilities I was once daydreaming about just a couple years ago.

I’ve been so preoccupied with what’s to come, I think I’ve been missing out on the”now” I know I love, despite how overwhelmed my to-do list of assignments, meetings, and emails makes me feel. I love going to school, I love the people I surround myself with, and I know I’m exactly where I want to be.

I hope you relate to at least one of these loves, if not all of them.

So why do I get distracted by the future? I think we’re all guilty of it — it’s the unconscious assumption that circumstances will be different, better, less stressful. Maybe your “better” is living abroad. Maybe it’s graduating with your masters. Maybe it’s buying your own house.

Whatever your “better” is, I think we’re all guilty of fantasizing about the future to deal with “now’s” challenges.

What we should be doing is being mindful; mindful that today is the future we were dreaming about yesterday. And  if we’re distracted by tomorrow, we’re only cheating ourselves; cheating ourselves of the opportunities of lessons that will push us forward.

We should be mindful that today is what matters most. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking that somewhere down the road, I’ll have fewer things that will bring stress to my life. When really, there are always going to be challenges, pressures, and doubts that will either push me or retract me from my goals.

I think the key is to accept this staple to everyday life and use it motivate you toward your goals.

So, I challenge you like I challenge myself every damn day. I’m far from an expert in all this, but writing about it helps.

Be mindful, appreciate, set goals, and work hard.



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