Read(NAP)ing week

It’s reading week — the week of “rest.”

I’d like to say I’ve been catching up on much-needed sleep, but instead, I’ve spent my week brunching with friends I don’t see during school and wearing enough red plaid for an entire year in the spirit of Festival du Voyageur.

I’d love to say I’ve been working on the six deadlines I have next week (I’ve now started), but I’m trying to approach self-care as a lifestyle. It’s easy to treat yourself to the occasional spa day or a one-week free trial at a gym. However, over the past year, I’ve realized how multi-faceted self-care is in working toward wellness. Sometimes self-care means going to be at 7 p.m. because you’re totally exhausted. Other times it means prioritizing a night out with your friends instead of the homework grind. And then, there are times when self-care means watching six episodes of This Is Us in your sweats while you eat Nutella out of the jar.

It’s all about balance.

However, our sleep routine is undeniably important; we can’t live without it. The amount we of sleep we get affects our energy levels, our appetite, our work ethic…we’re preoccupied juggling our busy lives we sometimes put sleep on the backburner, even though it’s the fuel that keeps us going in the first place. On top of our busy schedules, lots of us deal with medical challenges like anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), or hypothyroidism that play a role in us sleeping soundly.

My friend Shaylyn is the writer behind Up & At It , a blog that explores the best ways to stay energized in your busy life, and discusses reasons why you might be feeling so tired.


She also LOVES coffee the most out of all my friends, so naturally, caffeine is a common theme interwoven into her blog posts. Learn how countries are losing billions of $$$ from sleep-deprived citizens, eye exercises that’ll keep you awake, and some yummy coffee-themed hygiene products that’ll help kick your energy into high-gear.

Up & At It Blog  



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