I Fell Asleep at My Own Event

I fell asleep at my own event, my best friend Snapchatted it, and nobody noticed.

Guests’ eyes were closed too. Some stayed sitting, others lay down on the floor.

I’ve spent the past year pursuing my interest in event planning — namely yoga-related fundraisers — and last weekend I took my first stab at creating a small, intimate event. It’s fulfilling to bring people together and share an experience that leaves our lives more refreshed than before. I’ve gravitated to wellness-related events because I hope to inspire people to pursue their lives’ best version. So, I created Mindful Morning at Joy’s Tea — a morning of “me-time” at the brand new — and totally beautiful — boutique tea shop in Wolseley called Joy’s Tea. Proceeds went to the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba.



The event sold out! I couldn’t have done it without Shift Yoga, my lovely community-driven friend Amanda who I met late last year (through Instagram believe it or not), to put on the event. Shift Yoga specializes in intimate yoga events in different community spaces throughout Winnipeg like Verde, Forth and Fools & Horses. Amanda started Shift Yoga just a year ago, and it’s great to see another woman’s success take off so quickly in our city.

Guests were dedicated — they arrived at 8 a.m….on a Saturday. Amanda broke the ice with a conversation game, pushing us out of our comfort zones to talk other guests we didn’t know. A guided meditation session followed while the Joy’s Tea team was busy brewing us tea and setting up sweet treats for us to savour afterward. I closed my eyes and woke up 45 minutes later — a combination of relaxation and being overtired I’m sure, but my best friend Courtney found it amusing to see me sprawled across the couch, conked out.



Each person in the room had the opportunity to speak after about how that morning’s meditation made them feel. I was so humbled by people’s honesty; people opened up about dealing with mental illness and how Mindful Morning at Joy’s Tea helped them feel relaxed and at ease.

The feedback took me by surprise. I’m a huge softie, so I’ll be honest — I teared up.

If you haven’t been to Joy’s Tea yet, go. It’s tea haven. The Instagram-worthy atmosphere is distracting (in the best way possible) if you’re trying to do homework there like I have.



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