Coconut Oil: 10 Ways it Will Improve Your Life

If you’re reading this and you know me personally, you’re probably rolling your eyes because you’re already well-versed in my coconut oil obsession. I swear by it and advocate for it like a rep would for one of those Tiber River, Norwex, or Arbonne brands.

I avoid stores like Sephora because it’s sensory overload. There are 19 brands of lipstick — each in 22 different shades — and I don’t even know where to start. I get overwhelmed and leave empty handed. Even in places like Shoppers Drugmart I make a conscious effort to not get bogged down in the “brand noise.” I go in, get my mascara and get out. I’m sure there’s a brand or two you’re loyal to, maybe a brand of moisturizer you can “run in and grab,” but have you ever tried to read the label and gave up after the third ingredient? I didn’t know the English language had words like “Isoparaffin/Laureth-7.”

Coconut oil is just that — coconut oil. And most of the time it’s unrefined, cold-pressed, and virgin. Here are 10 different ways you can use coconut oil to help simplify your life (and save money too).

Bye bye bugs — mix it with a little peppermint oil and there you have it: your own homemade, all-natural bug repellant.

Pearly whites — Coconut oil can be amazing for whitening teeth and freshening breath if you use regularly. Use it like mouthwash or mix it with baking soda to make your own toothpaste.

Makeup remover — The only thing I use.

Lucious locks — Coconut oil is amazing for keeping your hair soft and smooth. Tip: It usually takes two washes to rinse the oil out, so use it sparingly.

Soothe that sunburn — Apply just as you would aloe vera.

Moisturizer — Think of all the extra space in your bathroom cupboard.

Thyroid function — “The hormone mediator” is essential to how we function. Integrating coconut oil as part of your everyday routine supports optimal thyroid function.

Cooking oil — Replace butter and canola oil with coconut oil, especially in sweeter recipes.

Body scrub — I mix coconut oil with coffee grounds. It’s better than any other exfoliant or scrub I’ve spent money on.

Cheekbone highlighter — We’ve come full circle to when I  wrote about makeup and sensory overload. No spending-fifty-dollars-on-highlighter necessary.



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