Community: Potential is a team effort

“Put your hand on someone sitting close to you.”

Funny, my parents taught me not to talk to strangers let alone touch one without asking them.

The Best One Yet,  the one-year anniversary celebration since the opening of Shift Yoga, happened at Forth last night — an evening of yoga, snacks, and community.

I called my blog Holistic Hollins because I believe health is holistic; it’s more than a balanced diet and a doctor’s appointment once a year. Health is physical, mental, and spiritual. And personally, I believe community influences all three. I think strength comes in numbers, potential is a team effort, and that it helps the spirit thrive. The Best One Yet was just that — community.

The evening centred around community. Forth is a local coffee shop/community event space in the Exchange, the largest collection of Heritage buildings in North America. Shift Yoga is a local business that holds yoga classes in specific-to-Winnipeg spaces like Fools and Horses and Verde Juice Bar. And the giveaway prizes consisted of products from local vendors like Fresh Paper Design, Sweet Roots, Brie’s Botanicals (I won one!).

Mackenzie, the yoga instructor who led last night’s practice, shared some insight that stuck with me. She asked us to put a hand on someone sitting closeby, and followed with, “We could do yoga alone in our rooms, but we come here for the experience.”

I didn’t realize how much I agree with her until I heard her words. I’ll be moving out on my own soon, and I often think about how much I would enjoy my own “me room,” a space where I can work and practice yoga on my own. But the energy in a room full of positive, open-minded people alters the experience. It reminded me we’re here to support each other, to encourage and lift eachother up. And whether we realize it or not, we gravitate toward other people who we see ourselves in — through common interests and people who embody versions of ourselves we aspire to be. A huge part of reaching our full potential is others reminding us of it.

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