I Fell Asleep at My Own Event

I fell asleep at my own event, my best friend Snapchatted it, and nobody noticed. Guests' eyes were closed too. Some stayed sitting, others lay down on the floor. I've spent the past year pursuing my interest in event planning — namely yoga-related fundraisers — and last weekend I took my first stab at creating … Continue reading I Fell Asleep at My Own Event


Mindful Morning at Joy’s Tea!

Holistic Hollins is hosting its first-ever event! I've collaborated with Shift Yoga to bring you Mindful Morning: a morning of mindful movement and guided meditation followed by a hot cup of tea and snack at Joy's Tea, a brand new (and beautiful!) tea shop in Wolseley. Tickets are $25, with proceeds going to the Mood Disorders Association … Continue reading Mindful Morning at Joy’s Tea!